Insidious Dihydrogen Monoxide (aka H2O)

Challenge #3 in the Capturing Science and Nature series. Hosted by rossdoyle.
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Dihydrogen Monoxide (aka DHMO or H2O) is a chemical that is now pervasive in many parts of the Earth. It pours out of car exhaust pipes and power plant smokestacks, and is a major component of the stuff that comes out of waste treatment plants. Large quantities of DHMO have even been found in many bottled drinks. In this challenge photos are invited which show the insidious nature of this chemical -- for example, how it eats through and damages things, how it sloshes about, how it escapes unbidden into the atmosphere. The theme is to capture this chemical's activity or its effects. Some more examples within the theme, to provide a framework: think about H2O (DHMO) as a deleterious chemical compound, and tell a story of its movement (e.g. spraying, wave action, steam, calving iceberg or glacial flow), or a story of its short-term or long-term effects (e.g. causing stains, rust, erosion, carving pores, crevices, and arroyos, sedimentation). Obviously there is some creative leeway.
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Fisherman Village, Mumbai, India
It Arrives by Stealth at Night
white smoke
water II
Unrelenting Force
DHMO contrail
Water baloon
Melting glacier
Tree in sediment
Dry river bed Namibia
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Weathered gate at Himeji
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