Israel & Palestine: Non-Portraits

Challenge #45 in the around the world in 80 ways series. Hosted by santamonica812.
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Last week we did the people in this reigon. Now, show us the holy land. The beaches of Tel Aviv. The buildings of Jerusalem. The desolate landscapes of the country's interior. The hustle and bustle of Nablus. It's up to you. The photo can be political. The photo can be completely non-political. That's up to you. Thought-provoking images are encouraged. (BUT NOTE: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DQ AN IMAGE IF I FIND IT OFFENSIVE. I trust that this step will not be necessary, it takes a lot to really offend me.) If you have any questions, please submit early in the week, so that you have plenty of time to submit a different image if there is a problem. As usual for my challenges, Entrants are required to (1) vote for each other entry, (2) read the comments (if any) below this challenge, in case I or other entrants post with Rules questions or clarifications, and (3) follow each of the challenge rules...including voting WITHIN THE FIRST SIX DAYS of the challenge.
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Old City, Jerusalem
I am the light
Sunset over Jaffa
Sunset over Jerusalem
Temple Mount
Rock Mushroom in the Timna national park
Israel celebrates 60
Religious Contrasts
Mary Magdalene Russian Orthodox Church Jerusalem
Tel Aviv in morning light
Wailing  wall
The wall in Jerusalem
The Old City of Jerusalem
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