~ One Pair of Ducks in the Water ~ (Full Colours Only+ Border + Title Watermark)

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Take a dayshot of One Pair of Live Ducks (or appears to look like Ducks) as the main subject. They have to be on/in/around or above the Water and the Water has to be visible. Any other living things have to be preferably outside the frame, or if that is not possible, these distractions have to insignificant, blurred or small. Sunset/sunrise entries are acceptable provided they are not those silhouette-heavy type of shots. Put a Border and Title Watermark on the photograph itself. Photo can be taken with any camera, i.e DSLR, SLR, Mirrorless, Compact, Smartphone, etc...
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Mottled ducks flying over the water
I had it first
Wood Ducks
Matter of life and death
Don't Be Afraid
Wood Duck Couple
Closely Followed
Northern Pintails
Pair of Pacific Black ducks
Northern Pintails
Me & Mom
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