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In this challenge, let us see photos of true bugs, (Order Hemiptera), showing off their interesting shapes and colours. Bugs typically have diagonally-crossed wings, and a proboscis for feeding. The bugs must be outside in their natural environment, on leaves, flowers, trees, just doing what comes naturally to them, not inside under studio lights. Macro and close-up shots welcome. Refer to http://bugguide.net/node/view/63/bgpage for more information on bugs. (No Beetles, order Coleoptera, they have had their own challenge already. No spiders, bees, flies, etc.) Size: MAXIMUM 1,600px on LONGER SIDE.
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Mama bug and baby bugs
Nature's own Jewel.........
White (in color) Assassin
Green Shield
T bug
Orange Black Plant Bug
Red & Black
Green Shield Bug
Copper-colored bug
On stand
Yellow and Black Leafhopper
False Milkweed Bug
boxelder Bug
Shadow bug
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Harlequin Bug (Family Lygaeidae)
Stink Bug
Assassin Bug (family Reduviidae)
1,600px MAXIMUM
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