Thailand 3 of 4: nature

Challenge #9 in the around the world in 80 ways series. Hosted by santamonica812.
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So much to choose from in Thailand. Wow us with white-sand beaches, steamy jungles, towering mountains, rice fields, etc. People should be absent or minimal. If my eye goes first to a human subject, I'll DQ it and ask you to send something else. (Submit that one in the Thailand--environmental portrait challenge instead) Please, no images that you've already used in prior challenges . . . let's see something fresh and new from you. (I will likely depend on help from other challenge participants in tracking down violators. So, images that are repeats could be DQ'd at any time . .. even after the challenge ends!) Thanks in advance for this. :-)
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Sunrise, Khao Sok National Park, Thailand
Morning Calm in Phuket
Sukhothai Sunset
The Roof of Thailand
Erawan Falls
Thai Oolong
Island Paradise
Foggy Morning
Fishing at Sunset
Sok River, Phang Nga
Mighty Clouds at Dusk
Phi Phi Beach
Peacock Flowers
River Kwai
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