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What best symbolizes Laos to you? This challenge is for everything related to Laos--other than portraits. Those will be DQ'd. But everything else is fair game. If you had only one image to express what this country means to a viewer, what would you show us? It is just fine to have one or more people in your photo. No person in the image should take up more than 5% of the frame. I'll try to monitor this challenge closely and will let entrants know if I think there is a problem--and I'll do this in a timely fashion, so that people will have plenty of time to re-submit new images if necessary. Please, no images that you've already used in prior challenges . . . let's see something fresh and new from you. (I will likely depend on help from other challenge participants in tracking down violators. So, images that are repeats could be DQ'd at any time . .. even after the challenge ends!) Thanks in advance for this. :-)
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Monsoon sunrise Ven Veing
Kuang Si Falls, Laos
Luang Prabang - Laos
Temple, light, colour
Pak Ou Caves
Luang Prabang - Wat Xiang Thong
Solitary Statue
Last evening check of the nets
plain of jar
The village of Tot Ket, Laos and a River Barge on the Mekong River
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