Eat Or Be Eaten!

Challenge #31 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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In this challenge show us insects or spiders (or other small arthropods) eating their prey. Insects eating spiders, spiders eating insects, insects eating insects.... your choice! (Please, NO birds, or animals eating these small creatures.) The creatures should be outside in their natural environment, not inside under studio lights. Macro or close-up shots only. SIZE: 1,600px MAXIMUM ON LONGER SIDE.
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Beetle Juice
Don't bother me, I'm eating
A Epeus flavobilineatus jumping spider eats another jumping spider
Brown Mantis.
You're So Sweet, Hubby!
Robber With Prey
Natures Perfect Predator The Praying Mantis
deadly kiss or CRP
Robber Fly with lunch
Did not see the trap!
The End of Bumblee's Flight
Orange Potter Wasp - Eumenes latreilli FAMILY VESPIDAE
A Jumping Spider Meets Its Fate
Dinner Time
Jumping Spider
I like it medium rare
Aerial Capture
Life and Death in a Field
RobberFly with Catch
Bon apetit
Double pleasure
Dragonfly eating its prey
Robber Fly with wasp.
Nothing goes wasted in nature
Life or Death
Spider and the Fly
daddy long legs_02
Two Predators
Long Legged Lunch
striped for lunch
Last hug for a cicada
Western Pond Hawk
Spider Vs Wasp.
Caught-Dinner is Ready
Lunch Break
Moth Dismembered
Ah my favourite brand of fly!
argiope bruennichi eating a dragonfly
Argiope bruennichi
daddy long legs_01
Just wait 'til my friends get here...
Wasp and Huntsman
DC_Spider's Lunch
Eat Or Be Eaten
Last hug for a cicada
Praying Mantis
Soup of the Day
Spider in Pine tree
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Spider's Breakfast
Robberfly's Lunch
1,600px MAXIMUM
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