Dragonflies! neither dragons nor flies!

Challenge #29 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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This challenge is just for DRAGONFLIES, (Order Odonata, Suborder Anistera) possibly the fastest fliers in the insect kingdom. The dragonflies must be outside, on flowers, leaves, flying around, or just doing what dragonflies do; NOT under studio lights. Macro shots welcome. NO photos of Damselflies (Order Odonata, Suborder Zygoptera) please. They are usually smaller than dragonflies and will be DQ'd. They will have their own challenge later. http://bugguide.net/node/view/191/bgpage will provide more information about dragonflies. SIZE: 1,600px MAXIMUM ON LONGER SIDE.
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Thunder in the Glens
Dragonfly Perch at the Beach
Dragonfly in the Garden
Black Darter
Flagon Dry the Dragonfly
SA dragonfly
Urban aviator.
French Dragonfly
At rest.
Hiding !!
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Close-Up of Dragonfly
Damselfly, NOT this challenge!
1,600px MAXIMUM
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