Conceptual Photography II

Challenge #20 in the Great Movements in Photography series. Hosted by Mark Scott Abeln.
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First you decide on a concept or idea for your photograph, then you take a photograph that expresses that concept. The goal of conceptual photography is to make your idea or concept obvious - even though precisely *what* your concept is can be clear or ambiguous. A common conceptual photograph is a wedding ring placed in the middle of an open book, casting a shadow in the shape of a heart that expresses the love that we hope can be found in marriage. A photo of scissors cutting a paper heart in half can express heartbrokenness. But please don't use these ideas, come up with your own. Humor and cleverness in your concept is generally desired. Conceptual photographers include Eugène Atget, Man Ray, Cindy Sherman, Irving Penn, and Andreas Gursky.
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-- escaping --
Dedication? Or a rubbish public transport system
Kids These Days...
Catching light
Illuminated Dream
When we're tired in our life, take a rest. Then, continue the journey.
Desire is everything
Troll on chair
Martian Landscape
Save Water
saying good-bye to mama, Victoria B.C. Canada 09.
The Chicago Fire
I Begin ... Hoping To Cease Not Till Death -- Walt Witman
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Frog Army, by Tina Fanetti
Cannibalism, by Tina Fanetti
Eye on Prize
I Shall Call Him… Mini Me, by Tina Fanetti
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