Abstract Expressionistic Photography II

Challenge #18 in the Great Movements in Photography series. Hosted by Mark Scott Abeln.
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Face it. All the photographs in these galleries are in fact merely flat rectangles of light. What kind of photographs could you make if you took this flatness and rectangleness as your main starting point? The Abstract Expressionist movement in art, which started in New York in the late 1940s, is said to have been a reaction against the horrors of the Second World War. Seemingly apolitical, emotional, and even perhaps nihilist, Abstract Expressionism was a sharp break from the often explicitly political and realistic Photographic Modernism and Social Realism art movements of the 1930s. This largely non-figurative school of art took inspiration from the philosophy of Existentialism, and the process of making art was considered to be more important than the final object. Abstract Expressionist painters were inspired by photographers, while photographers in turn were inspired by the painters.
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2012 10 07 10-50-29 - IMGP8318b_resize
After Rain
Flat Orange
Turning Paint
Trees from a coach window
Autumn in Umbria
13-07-2007 15-16-46_0023
Sandstone Abstract
colour circles
Lines in the sand
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Dirt on windshield
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