Aleatoric Forms: In the Moment From a Bokeh of Light.

Challenge #4 in the In the Moment of Chance series. Hosted by aleatory.
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Light, especially flickering light out of focus can be a subject used for seering / scrying. While those outputs rely on the subconscious projections, incidental imperfections between the light subject, lens and sensor can yeld an unexpected capture of an interesting form. Submit any out of focus photos of a subject of light that resembles a form we can identify as something that the subject is not. Examples include a macro bokeh shot of an LED that resembles itself as an elf, a boken of a candle light that projects a dragon or a bokeh of light refracting off of water that looks like a ghost. 0. Subject must be identifiable as a form that is something other than that subject. 1. No time lapse allowed. 2. Photos must be out of focus. 3. There must be a primary light source. 4. No fireworks photos. 5. Absolutely no mock-ups. 6. Submissions should be uploaded as native image resolution. 7. Light source setup can be controlled, however the form should be incidental.
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Tropical Fish ?
Funny-scary Face
Partridge with raibow tail
Pale Horse
three ghosts
mushroom maybe?
Beware of a... truck tire?
monkey bokeh
Fluorescent lamp
Bat takes flight
race car?
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Zeta Reticulan
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