Book cover: Hard boiled

Challenge #84 in the The Art Director series. Hosted by jezsik.
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The author writes detective novels in the Raymond Chandler tradition and needs a jacket cover. The black and white image must be full of shadows, mysterious and high contrast to keep with the mood of the story. A face deep in shadow would work, so would a still life of a glass of whiskey and a few spent bullet casing. As a hard boiled detective novel, it needs a hard boiled cover, tough, dangerous and no nuance. The image can be a single shot or a composition of two or more shots. The test titles for the book includes "Last call," "Darkness whispered my name," "You always die alone," and "Death leaves a message."
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Death Leaves A Message
Left Message
You always die alone
Die Alone
You always die alone (with your cat)
Mysterious Suspense
Ultimate Statement
Death leaves a message...
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