Ghost Trails of Light

Challenge #2 in the In the Moment of Chance series. Hosted by aleatory.
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Light and delayed shutter can provide some indeterminate results that express subjects, objects and features we can relate, whether or not the parameters were controlled. I advise submitters to identify in the title with the marker [I] or [C] to indicate whether the photograph was taken incidentally or with controlled parameters. For example if you produced and waved light in front of the camera, that would be controlled. However if you captured something with a delayed shutter and captured some form expressed in light that was not controlled, that would be incidental.
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[I] See the speed
mother and child
belly dancer
Playing with light (controlled)
Jini...IN or OUT ???? (C)
(C) Champagne
A sudden wind [C]
(C) Blazing Heart
Tower Bridge and Double Decker
Light Vortex (c)
[I] BMW Welt
Ferris Wheel [I]
Rialto boat trails [I]
Kek Lok Si, Penang [I]
tram eleven (C) from hand
boxpusher (C)
Night lights [I]
California Hwy 1 [I]
London 2012
Sabang Waterfront (1)
sparkler art long exposure C
looking like Christamas too
The Speed of Life
Playing with the fire [I]
Streets of Suzhou [I]
light trails
Car Streaks
The Gost of the Castle
DSC_2589 [I]
bonsaizg (C)
No name
Light smile [I]
Gosts on Budapest Bridge
Abstract C
Short Circuit [C]
Neon Cowboy
Ice on window and St John street during a snow storm (I)
Busker at Notre Dame 2 (i)
looks like Christmas too
In the middle of the light  [C]
Auckland Night View [i]
Love [C}
Ghosts in the Water [I]
the crowded
[C]  Alfa Romeo highlighted
Road Lights  [C]
Fire Dancer I
Playing with light (i)
[C] Tomb raider style
For Your Eyes Only (I)
[C] Canoe approaching the island
overtaken by a fast bus
Ocean Park Beach
lighted road (I)
Rannoch Moor, Scotland (C)
Serenity and Speed..Light and Darkness [C]
Historic building ghost trails.... [I]
The Show (I)
[C] Ghost of ghost
The Protectors [I]
The Moon, The Obelisk and The Lights (I)
Shipyard (I)
[I] Paris by night
[I] Star Light
Waikiki Night [I]
Fire Dancer in Puerto Gallera
light of the Ghost
Speed light
Ghostly Paranormal [I]
Signature Of Light
landing in NYC-1
[I] Ghostly Fishing
Crossing Lights (I)
I35w Bridge Memorial 5 Year Anniversary
DSC04682  i
The Ghosts of Halloween [I]
In the tunnel (I)
...from a Mexican mt
Spinning [C]
ghost singer
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[C] In the Bushes of Ghosts
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