It's Just A Flowering Weed

Challenge #4 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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Flowering weeds can be as beautiful as those plants we cultivate, even though we often think of them as pests. Show us the beauty in these flowers, in their natural world. I know that a weed in one country may be a treasure somewhere else, that's okay, it is what YOU consider to be a weed where you live. Wildflowers in the countryside will be in a separate challenge later; this challenge is just about flowering weeds. Also, I'm NOT referring to the smoking variety of weed. That can be someone else's challenge..... Insects or other small creatures may be present in your entry but must not dominate the picture. SIZE DOES MATTER: See below!
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Humble but beautiful wild weed.
Flowering Thistle
Fractal Fireworks
"Purple Punk"
Protective thorns
Sun Worshipper
Blue Eyes
Wild Flowers in Death Valley
Campuloclinium macrocephalum
Summer in blue
These are TINY flowers
Prickly Beauty
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Common Fumitory
Cape Weed
Prickly Thistle
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