Images Refracted by Glass (I do not mean your camera lens)

Challenge #7 in the Outside The Box series. Hosted by JamesWG.
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Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one substance to another. Your challenge is to produce an image that is refracted by glass (other than your lens). This can be cut glass, stained glass, a glass full of water (two refracting elements, glass and water), use your imagination. The image, as it is refracted, is what the challenge is about, NOT the refracting medium. Have fun.
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Wine Aerator
Homemade fisheye
Hello Jupiter
Images Refracted by Glass
Inside a wine glass.
glass apple
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose
glass & marbles
Star of Texas
Japanese Maple
Crabapple through the glass
A watch in a glass ball
Flower vase through glass
two street lights
A jar with water in the garden
Hand some
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Flowers seen thru GlassVase
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