Front-Heavy: SLR AF lenses on Compatible Mirrorless Bodies

Challenge #5 in the Technical Challenges series. Hosted by dark goob.
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It may look ridiculous. But pack that 24-70 f/2.8 onto your Nikon 1 and head out for this challenge! Throw that 90-250 f/2.8 ZD onto your E-PM1, go ahead! Where is the camera? Can't see it, all I see is lens! Who cares! Load that Sony Zeiss 135mm f/1.8 onto that NEX-C3. Who cares if they kick you out of the studio and the models laugh at you? ...... READ RULES CAREFULLY. ONLY the following is allowed: (a) autofocus A-mount SLR lens on Sony NEX body via Sony-brand adapter (LA-EA1 or LA-EA2), (b) autofocus Four Thirds SLR lens on Micro Four Thirds body via Panasonic-brand adapter (DMW-MA1) or Olympus brand adapter (MMF-1, MMF-2, MMF-3), or (c) F-mount autofocus SLR lens on Nikon 1-series body via Nikon FT-1 adapter. OTHER RULES: (1) METADATA MUST BE FULLY INTACT. (2) FULL RESOLUTION IMAGES ONLY (MUST BE TAKEN ON MAXIMUM RESOLUTION OF YOUR CAMERA, SUCH AS "L" ETC.)
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Orang Utan
REd Whiskered Bulbul
Mandarin Duck
Dew on bleeding hearts
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly
Intruder Alert
Young Swan
A mighty small mite
White Tiger
New Growth in Spring
Afternoon Light
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24-70 on the J1
Night Sky in Reed Canyon
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