The third dimension (depth) and chat.

Challenge #7 in the Photo chat series. Hosted by AndrePooh, barb_s.
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**This is a complex challenge. Please read challenge comments below FIRST and click "show full rules" to understand the mechanism of this challenge.** Entrants should have at least 25 comments and forum messenges combined** A photo is two dimensional, height and width,It is missing depth. Show us a photo that best conveys the message of depth, for instance converging lines to the horizon, and/or haze and/or objects in the foreground NOTE!!!, entry in this challenge also obliges to give comments about all other entries in the series. Eventually you may enter an improved version of the first photo. You are strongly encouraged to provide early comments during the submission stage to allow contestants to create an improved photo to submit before voting begins.
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The waterfall
Forbidden City
Library Facade 2nd Version.
Lal Bag Bangalore
Misty Bay adjusted #2
Lal Bag bangalore - Second Version
"Hello, Christopher Columbus is coming!"
St-Prix 2
GoldenPine mnt
On the plane
On the plane 2
The Library Facade
The Island
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