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We have all seen animals in funny situations, whether initiated by humans, or otherwise. Some people have animals that can do things on command… and vice versa, where some pets succeeded in training their masters! Some animals are victims of fashion which their "mommies" think is “nice” - or worse yet, “good for them”… Animals are an endless source of amusement, as long as they live close to Humans. All except sick jokes and/or situations are acceptable. You get my drift. See the Intro to the Series (click at Laugh@Life above) for additional information, and please observe the Rules, so cat won't have to eat your entry.
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Oh dear!
Never say die
How about my mouth!
What Chipmunk?
Chipmunk Cheeks
How boxers got their name!
Sometimes a carrot...
Get Him
Sandy sandhill crane
Rose colored glasses
Pick me!
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