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Challenge #1 in the Interesting Points of View series. Hosted by Pierre Daigneault.
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The aim of this challenge is to make the viewer see the world as if they were something else.....not a person......effectively to "see it from my point of view". In order to be a valid entry I must feel that I am that object. For example put the camera in a clothes basket and photograph some dirty socks being tossed in. Or put the camera in a microwave and photograph a plate being put in. Your photo must be titled "I Am ...........". The photo must convey the view from whatever you are. Have fun with this one.
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I am a potato chip
I Am... Just A Little Bug: Don't Crush Me Sir!
Waiting To Grate The Carrots....
"I am a plastic bottle"
I Am... an Admira
...a lamp in ceiling of stairway.
I Am A Labrador Retriever
i am a snoot studio light seeing your eye :)
I am ... an apple inside the fridge
I am ... a piece of wood in a dropsaw
i am a studio light snoot :)
I Am ...........
Iam.... A Bird waching life go bye
I am the workshop
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I am a washing machine
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