Errors, Slips, And Blunders: Unsteady Cam

Challenge #26 in the The Revolver series. Hosted by Digital Alfredo, The Bacon Wagoneer.
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Have you ever seriously overestimated how steady you can keep your camera when just holding it in your hands? Been too lazy to set up your tripod for that one great shot? Well... this challenge is for all those pics that are *almost* great, if it hand't been for vibrations while the shutter was open.
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NewZealand backroad
New York City
Lake Geneva... almost
The Drop!
23102011 054
New York Skyline
tripod would have made the difference
Turn on my IS? What the heck is IS?
Latvijai dzimsanas diena  18.11. 2011.  (4)
Leopard Walking at the Zoo
Golden Gate bridge
Night Backyard Shot
Class Bridge Shots 068
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