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Challenge #52 in the The Company Of Animals series. Hosted by Patchandcrew.
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The series now looks at humans and animals sharing our world. Feed the birds : Show at least one human feeding one of more birds. The birds can be wild or tame, the feeding does not have to be by hand, [ ie it can be someone scattering food for them ]. Showing a bird feeder being filled is fine too as long as the bird/s are in view at the time. Entries not within theme will be DQ'd after close of entries so if you haven't read the rules you can expect to be DQd with no opportunity to resubmit a more suitable photo. If unsure of any of the rules please do ask.
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GreyJay1 (1)
Bold & Hungry
More seeds please!
Birds of a feather...
Rufous Treepie
Bird Feeding
Don´t bite the hand that feeds you
Feed the Birds
Feeding the sparrows
Feeding The Rosellas
Black Kites
Just a little bit more...
Who knew feeding the birds could be so terrifying?
Happy Landings
Man feeding birds
Bird Feeding
feeding time
Feeding Birds
wild bird
Thank You
Feeding the Pigeon
020911 23
Gray Jay
Pretty Bird
Lady and Parrot
Girl & Parrot
Feeding the pigeons
bird human inter
Bird feeder
feeding the birds
A Homeless Sharing
Feeding Ducks
Buenos Aires
Feeding time
Feeding the Birds
Girls with gull
drink up my hearty yo ho
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