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No entry limits... THERE IS A TITLE REQUIREMENT: Append your vote count from the challenge section of your profile to the title. It should be like this: " Green Coke , votes 14356". See example photo. Please enter a photo that clearly shows something is inside something else and the pair weren't originally meant to be coupled. Examples: If you have a soda bottle inside a fish bowl, great! A cat in a drawer, yes! Skip water in a glass or flowers in a vase though - too ordinary. Come up with something different, fun, campy, crazy... most importantly, make it interesting as a subject pairing and then give us your best photo of it.
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31 entries
phase has
594 votes
How did you get there? votes 2482
The Misfits. Votes 59,492.
Legs in the window, votes 45
Little Doraeamons inside Crocs shoes, votes 4844
Robertson The Blues, votes 10266
Vines behind bars - votes 672
Tree Bites Sign / Votes 1623
Bottle Holder votes 41442
Beetle Inside a Mouse, votes 837
Spongebob in a museum??? My votes: 3614
Votes - 1
INSIDE, votes 21
St.George & Telephone Booth / Votes 165
broken glass in a crystal ball, votes 111
Plates in Wall:  Votes--3423
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Green Coke???  My Votes 15655
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