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Challenge #3 in the Photos - miscelaneous topics series. Hosted by barb_s.
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TO ENTER: Your profile must show # votes cast are at least 10 times the number of challenges entered. EXAMPLE: If you entered 100 challenges already, you need to have 1000 votes in your profile to enter this. TITLE rule: Entry must contain the 2 numbers from your profile: # challenges you have entered and # votes you have cast. Otherwise it's a DQ. Submit a photo where something is hidden, or appears concealed, or camouflaged or not easy to see. It can be a face hidden behind a scarf, a hat, a book, a young child with eyes closed, or an animal blending in with the surroundings. Insect coloring can blend in with their surroundings. Please don't submit entries if your vote count is too low to qualify.
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Yellow bug - 44/1482
158/1835 - Can you see the bird ?
Too Shy ! entries:373 votes:40413
356 entries - 13827 votes
Olly Olly Oxen free! 135/4680
Entries 10 - votes 455
613/47170  Leopard Tortoise
only my shadow.... entries 526 votes cast 5365
entries 143 votes 13703
24 entries 259 votes
Hello ! Entries 7 / Votes 139
35 entries 4524 votes
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