Vernacular Photography and the Snapshot Aesthetic

Challenge #13 in the Great Movements in Photography series. Hosted by Mark Scott Abeln.
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The greatest and most praised photograph hanging on a museum gallery wall is of trivial importance compared to your snapshot of a loved one. Vernacular photography is the photography of everyday life: family, friends, home, and familiar places. --- According to the Austrian art theorist Joseph August Lux, personal photography provides stability against the ebb and flow of modernity. Submit photos you took during an especially joyous time of your life, while you were with loved ones. --- The main question is will *other people* judge your photograph highly, will they consider it art? --- Closely related to vernacular photography is the "snapshot aesthetic", where professional photographers copy the often crude technique and poor image quality of vernacular photographs. The snapshot aesthetic is perhaps opposed in intent from the vernacular, so this ought to be an interesting competition.
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Candy kids
Quality Time
Silence before the saturday candy
Our Original "Beach Boys."
Mother, Daughter, Sister
A moment at the splash pad
9-6-2010 (9)
Please Keep Quiet
With grandpapa 2
France 2005
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Women in a kitchen preparing a meal
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