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Let's see something that depicts the city lifestyle. HERE'S THE CATCH, you must not show the subject in its entirety. This means if your subject is a person it must be only a part of that person ex. their hands, legs, torso without the head, etc. Full portrait shots are NOT allowed, thus your subject may not be the full head and shoulders of a person, though you could do half or a potion of their head. Other examples may be a car of which you only show the view from the bumper or a street sign which is cut off in the picture. If you do a building front we should get the feeling that a good portion of it is out of frame.
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Summer rain
in part
Bike City
Rush Hour
Behind the scene
IMGP7244 web
445 C
NYC Traffic
Reflected Glory
Walking Lady
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Partial Person
Little Italy
Over the shoulder
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