Metal for beauty

Challenge #3 in the Metal in many forms series. Hosted by Alex Heath.
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This challenge is looking for the way metal can be shaped into objects of beauty. Its quite a wide area as it could be jewellery, sculpture or ornament. The object should be clearly for beauty and not part of a machine, tool, electronic gadget or technology. eg Rings and jewellery are acceptable as the beauty is often perceived more important than the meaning. Watches aren't as they have a function before beauty. The metal has to be in its original state so no painting, enamelling etc Please read the rules carefully. Last time I had to disqualify entries purely because people hadn't read the rules and it was a real shame.
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Will You
wedding ring
Last door
necklace 001
Treble Clef
couple in sardine can
Retired Anchor
Puerto Vallarta metal sculpture
ICON Greek
An ear ring in display...
Metallica Rising
Ornate and Plain
Aluminum sliver
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