The pick-up. This is the season when migrating eagles (and photographers) gather at lakes and waterways to partake in a feeding frenzy of fish. Show us your bald eagle fish pick-ups.

Challenge #2 in the Wild birds series. Hosted by Ben_Egbert.
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Raptors only such as bald eagle or osprey, no water birds, gulls etc. They must be hunting for fish over water from flight. They must be at the point of pick up in one of three poses as shown in the samples. a.Talons extended and less than a foot from the water. b.The moment of catch with the talons immersed in the water. c.The moment after the catch, with fish in the talons and the water splash still visible in the image and the bird still a foot or less from the water.
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White-tailed Eagle
Eagle Juneau
Eagle on Mississippi River
B Eagle fishing_3937
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