Challenge #28 in the SNAP !! series. Hosted by timhughes666, One eyed Bart.
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Images of things that are obviously broken. And I mean obviously otherwise a DQ will be in order. No broken humans, animals or parts of....robots are OK, so long as they are obviously broken. No images of DPR challenge rules or voting tips on computer screen either. An image of a car parked by the roadside with it's hood up is not obviously broken, an image of one of its pistons hanging by it's con-rod outside of the engine block is.
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The broken window
broken porcelain
Cracked concrete
Sun Burst
Perfectly fine iMac shot with a broken camera
broken Human
Kreta 2 036
Traffic shattering ka-boom
Broken entry
the death of a mobile phone
Boat Engine
Break down
Broken Car
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