Streetlight, lonely night (Read Instructions Carefully PLEASE)

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This one is tied to a song. Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos performed "Streetlight" back in 1994. Samples of this jazz / blues song can be found all over the internet (I have permission from the artist to distribute A FULL VERSION of the song, so feel free to write me if you'd like a full copy). When I listen to this song, the lyrics/music provide me with a very clear image in my head to accompany it. YOUR MISSION: familiarize yourself with the song and / or song lyrics, then produce either a color or black and white shot that shows what image the song conveys to you. Mp3 available..need an address THe lyrics are: STREETLIGHT Streetlight, lonely night, there's one too many whiskeys in me, That Streetlight is my only moonlight, no romance to shine on tenderly, and all that broken glass, scattered around my feet, Stars that felt a shatter of my dreams and memories Streetlight, shine on bright, you'll see me home again tonight.
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