Masterclass: Mistakes

Challenge #5 in the Masterclass: series. Hosted by Alvatrus.
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Failure can be a great teacher. To learn from our mistakes we must take ourselves on and ruthlessly critique the poorer shots, to avoid them in future. In this challenge, show us an image in which something went wrong and you were left with a throw-away. Tell us what went wrong, what was the human mistake. Your mistake. Blaming the camera, the subject, the weather, etc. won't do. Include the lesson learnt. A WORD ON VOTING: As the submitted are *required* to be flawed in some way, do NOT vote on the image - vote on the description instead.
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Blue river, and snow and trees and cars and.......
bluish yellow
Foggy Lens
Can we try that again please
Painted Percherons
At Singapore Bird Sanctuary
State Fair
Ready when you are, Mrs Grace...
Smile, Jake!
Anniversary dinner
Very low shutter speed
A Duck near a Pond
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