- Moving Human Sihoulette- taken at Night - (No BW/Sepia)

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Main subject = ONE night sihoulette of WHOLE adult human. If there's more than one main sihoulette, or if the sihoulette of the human isn't at least 85% whole, the entry will be disqualified. Sihoulette should occupy a reasonably large area, i.e between 3-99% of the photo area. No Baby, No Babies, No Kid, No Kids, No Teenager, No Teenagers, No Live animal, No Live animals, No Baby, No Babies. Dead animals are allowed to be present in the photo as back/foreground. Finally give description of your shot and explain how you took and process it.
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Purple rain
Going Home
Tai chi at Easter Island
Silhouette Swim
The Priest
Self Portrait
The Quiet Time
Silhouette Swing
Dancing in the dark
Summer on the Lake
Ghost on the Ladder....
Night Fishing
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