It's washing day!

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We've all once been amused by these narrow, busy little streets with washing hanging on lines, offering a glimpse at people's intimacy. Have you ever found yourself trying put a face on their owner, rebuilding a whole world around a few square inches of colored pieces of textile? Show us washing on a line and let your imagination tell us the story.
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Burano, Venice. Italy
Hanging out in Nice
Blue house, blue clothes
Soakin the sneakers...
red socks
Only Shadows are dry yet!
Green on Green
Washing day
Display of color
Dry cleaning
Venice 2009
The cloth tree
Weekend wash
Hanging Out In Istanbul
I really don't like washing day
conservative style
Monks robes at a Buddhist monastry
Can't Get It Clean, Haiti
Shoe washing day
Sunny day in Florence
Chinese Laundry
Spread Out Clothes
left too long... may need redoing!
No other place to hang
Antipolo, Philippine Panoramic view
Peace and football
Washing day in the old Prague
Shades of red
Wash Day in Trastevere!
Drying towels, Venice
Laundry for the whole crew
Under the Tuscan Sun
After paintig the town red
Caminito, Buenos Aires
Roman Laundry
Washing day
after wash! multi utility vehicle
hanging to dry...
Ghetto Colour.
Laundry - with added politics for whiteness!
Washing At Elba
Fresh sheets in Rožmberk nad Vltavou
Washing Day for Everyone
Soaking up the sun
Hanging Out To Dry
Normal day in Cebreiro, Spain
Monday again
No street is too wide...
Clothing in the air.....
Washing day in Singapore!
Have a break
Natural Clothespin Standing Guard
Washing by the Loch
Washing day Dominican Rep. Style
As poor as the Caribbean
Washing day
Old city of Jerusalem
Nazare (Port)
Sunset laundry...
Trousers in the sky
Washing Day
St Tomas Laundry
water pump
Balcony drying / Germany
Just about to start...
Washing is going to get wet!
Perfection within poverty
Just ran out of socks!
Work is finished.
Working Man's Laundry
Sunny Day
Laundry on the Line in Newfoundland
Washing Day in Hampi
Uzbekistan at a very hot day
Guangdong, Old City
a perfect day for drying
Beauchamp St peg
Atlantic City
Philippine Wash Day
Spain in 1956
Big Bird Poker Hand (Palasan, Polo, Valenzuela, Metro-Manila, Philippines)
Still out after sundown
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Mali Ston, Croatian Coast
Montenegro, 2009
The mighty Red Army
Shanghai, 2007
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