Once upon a time in Lilliput..

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Inspired from Jonathan Swift's novel "Gulliver's Travels" this challenge refers to the tiny Lilliputian people Gulliver met. Capture an image that shows us how gigantic our world can be to a tiny creature! Try ground level angles of 45+ degrees or even 90. Use your imagination to create the sense of our big world! I hope everyone has read this classic novel. If not see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulliver%27s_Travels.
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Incredible Hulk Perry
ant's view
Giant gardener
I see you looking!!
Hey, who are you...?
Is this creature thinking to suck my brain out ?
NBA Championship Wishes...
my new planet
Little people have cameras too!!
Gulliver's Feet
scary cat
Run... It's a Giant!
When the grass reach the high sky
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Once upon a time in Lilliput
Paper tunnel
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