Challenge #8 in the SNAP !! series. Hosted by timhughes666, One eyed Bart.
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Create something inspiring and amazing on one day. Sunday 7th March 2010. It needs to be somehow related to time , how you interpret this is up to you . Your mission has been set so go out and shoot something incredible. Highest marks should be awarded for the best images shot on 07/03/2010 with clear links to time. Shots which dont really show links to time should be marked lower. I would love to see a full challenge on this one!
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A little fish runs out of time!
Time is Near
Almost 1 O'clock
Through The Time
Locomotive of time
Time & Space
Buying "Time"
3 times 24
Bearly on Time
Twelve hours after
Out of Season - Rye Playland
Go! Go! Go!
Water in motion, water at rest.
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