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Let's get a couple possible assumptions out of the way first... 1) maximalism is not necessarily the opposite of minimalism, and 2) maximalism is not necessarily about clutter. This is a difficult and somewhat obscure genre which has many definitions (a popular, but not a de facto one by Daryush Shokof's "Maximalist Manifesto" describes it as (quoted from, "1. Figurative, 2. Politically aware, with socially critical points of view, 3. Erotic, 4. Mostly includes ironic and humorous perspectives in concept or in form, 5. Not made to simply oppose minimalist works of art, 6. Open to wide views and visionary dimensions that can be fantastic, but not deformed"....... or take the "in a nutshell" view and "Think about what you think about" (Huhh? You ask?), then convey that in your photo. I deliberately am leaving this description and definition vague because I want *you* to show how you *interpret* the concept of maximalism... think about what you think about :)
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Steel Slivers
... and nothing superfluous
Up Against It
Magnificance or Chaos?
The Glass Wave
Stormy Big Apple
afternoon is here
Moss buds with dew pearls
Too big to be a key-ring
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Seven billion and counting
Chaotic peacefulness
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