The Storyteller

Challenge #6 in the SNAP !! series. Hosted by timhughes666, One eyed Bart.
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Lets see a great image to match the title. It doesnt have to be a literal interpretation , be creative if you wish. However , remember the title is just as important as your image in this challenge. Viewers / voters must still be able to see a link between the title and your image. Your picture should have at least one real live person in it (human). Good / Great images with no real link to the title should be marked low. Good / Great images with great links to the title should be marked higher.
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-  old harmonica  -
The Word of God
Two Worlds
Stories in every broken pillar of Hampi
Narrating a dragon story
Pay attention and listen!!!
Fairytale Ending
sharing experience
Betty, Do You Remember?
explanation of detail
First lesson in painting
Rapt attention.
If walls could talk....
No More Pictures Dad !
The tale of Sinbad
"music is the healing force of the universe"
Man From the Wood
A Captive Audience
Waiting for chocolates
Pied Piper
Survived Another Day
The Storyteller
Native American fancy (costume) dance
Tales from the Tower
And Then She Said...
A hard day at school
story telling in monk style
Urban Jungle
Oh No...
watch my story unfold...
grocer man
I saw an Elf once, beyond those mountains...
So That is where its from!
Puppeteer & Singers
Tourist Guide
Train Trip
Fight Another Day
A Widow's Grief
Jananese Story Weaver
All The Others Were Too Big For The Boat!
Story in San Cristobal
Alcohol may loosen inhibitions
Iranian storyteller
Her mother made her wear that!
Fairy tales
Can't talk yet but I'm telling my story
With you, forever
We hate leap-readers
Blues Singer
It was worth the wait
the middle ages are back!
After the game
The Wild Wild West
Kathak Thakur
From Fairy Tale
Trying to earn a living
From Fisherman to Tourist Guide
The myth of Icarus
Safety First
Wait for the punch line!
Wrong Way !
In the galaxy far..far away
...leading the blind
Busker's story
Nice Rug? Where? I Don't See A Rug!
This is how you do it!
I see nothing!
Cologne Tour
The Traveler
Alone in the crowd
The Bird story
NBC's Today Show Cast giving morning News
Wii Experience
Whisper of Glass
and tom started chasing jerry .........
Can I go out NOW Mom?
We are all astronauts
Once Upon a Time
Our way of welcoming 2010
A Message
The Bunny's Beauty
Wash Your Hands
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