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Convey the joy of learning and the exchange of information between two or more people (or animals).
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The Same Direction
I will show you!
There's a whole wide world out there...
Keep your head down and follow through!
A lesson of Shutter Speed
Teaching...high in a remote mountain village of Jamaica
Shan kids in class
Class Outside Today
Paper marbling
Father and Son Working Together
Learing Goggles On
Eager to Learn
But I don't know how to make "B"s!
Senior Teaching Junior
At Daddy's Knee
first lesson
Starting Young
Teaching Little Brother To Play
Showing The Path
Learning it the hard way
First lessons
Once opon a time .....
teach to be inattentive....
Crescere insieme...
Look! It's Nicoline!
Teaching Andy
Classroom Dynamics
learning at the madrasah
teaching piano
I'm gonna tell something...
The teacher.
This is how it's done
Teaching " how to jump"
The Sensei and his pupils.
Teaching O to skate
Look grandpa
First time in a saddle...not so good?
Learning Woodcarving from a Master
Hands teaching
Lecture for one
Powerpoint Presentations - 3rd grade! MLK, hero.
Industrial Rope Access Training Brookyn New York
Flag Football!
Teaching him how to fish
History lesson
Learning about Leopards
Geography lesson
Master Class
There are eggs and there are eggs...
Poker teaching
Teaching Tea Ceremony
Don't move!
Learning from daddy
You' ve got it !
do it right
Teaching the dog
Mom and Her Boys
Teaching make-up
Hippocrates of Kos - Teacher of Medecine
Fishing Off the Pier
A disobeying Nitro
Speleologist teaching
He said "shoot here..and here.."
Serious Talk - "Man to Man"
Disciplining the cat
learninfgto cross the road safely
Sir, can we go home and get warm earlier?
Mother & Son
The Good Book
Monkey see...
Showing the Way
Gabi Y Betty
Teaching to fish
Gravitation and Cosmology 2009
teaching our youth
Never open the door to strangers...!
Kid's first Packers Game
Baby Cayman, Amazon Tributary, Peru
Charlie (right) teaching Zar Zar (left) how to chill
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