'Birds Of A Feather Flock Together'

Challenge #1 in the SNAP !! series. Hosted by timhughes666, One eyed Bart.
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Post an image as close to the title as you possible can . It doesnt have to be a literal interpretation , be creative if you wish. However , remember the title is just as important as your image in this challenge. Viewers / voters must still be able to see a link between the title and your image. Great images with no real link to the title should be marked low. Good / Average images with great links to the title should be marked higher. I am really looking forward to viewing your images....
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Time and time again
Let's Rock!
In Purple Plumage
Housing Subdivision
Gathering of Old Coots
birds in a row
Frosen fruits
Another flock of birds (together)
''birds'' of a feather flock together!
Birds in feathers also flock together
Birds, wires
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