'Birds Of A Feather Flock Together'

Challenge #1 in the SNAP !! series. Hosted by timhughes666, One eyed Bart.
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Post an image as close to the title as you possible can . It doesnt have to be a literal interpretation , be creative if you wish. However , remember the title is just as important as your image in this challenge. Viewers / voters must still be able to see a link between the title and your image. Great images with no real link to the title should be marked low. Good / Average images with great links to the title should be marked higher. I am really looking forward to viewing your images....
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Seagull Sunrise
Watching out for each other
Nine little Mallards
We Are Family
Air Formation
High High we go leaving the mountains behind...
Barn Owl Siblings
The Squad
Full Moon at the Basque
A flock of starlings
The Meerkats Five
Birds all in a Row
Winter in France (Bernache Geese)
Last One In Is A Duck
Make it double
Travel Companions
Swans Off the Ice
Blowing in the wind
Birds of a feather bathe together too
Pelicans over the pier
Birds Of A feather Rest Together
In the Spotlight
On the way
Birds over Sloans Lake Denver, Co
Wood Storks
Unified View
The firsth flight of the little stork in Romania.
Why always me?  It's your turn to hunt for food!- Couples
Canada Geese in the Morning Mist
Quack! Quack!
Golden Geese
Pretty in Pink
Three's company
...and sometimes fly together
made you jump
Doves at Jaswant Thada
Feisty Blackbird
"Your out of the flock"
Ebony and Ivory
Oi That's My Berth
Pelicans on the roof
A large flock of White Pelicans
Team 60
The Batboys
cleared for approach
Sandhill Cranes at Bosque del Apache
left or right?
morning visitors
Pelican Buddies
Premorphing Orgy
Branta canadensis
WW II bombing run
Harry and Larry
Coming home to roost
Jellies of a Tentacle  Swim Identicle
flocking together
Lemme see, lemme see !
Looking for a landing spot
Dry Land!
Late for supper
Bird Rail
Duck, Duck, Goose!
Oops I think i'm in the wrong Flock
In Charge!
Nuns on the beach
Fleeing Whistle Ducks
Cedar Waxwings and Persimmon
'Boats In A Weather Dock Together'
pigeons in jaisalmer
Blue Angels
the family
White Ducks
Majestically yours
In a row
Walk this way
Panicking take off
Three Birds
Mavis, I keep telling you every year-SOUTH PADRE ISLAND
Si pogu├ęs...
Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
The asphalt gang
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