Funniest picture ever taken..

Challenge #1 in the Pictures that evoke emotion.. series. Hosted by mobilcams.
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Post the funniest picture that you have ever taken. The objective here is to make the person voting smile or laugh. Please no pictures of signs, screenshots. Just photos that you have taken in the past that made you laugh.
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Somebody should call his wife...
Just relax..
"And then she said..."
Did you see that!
Now there's something you don't see everyday...
Camera Shy
"Hey! Now wait just a dog-gone minute, here...!"
What's the time?
A test of good art
A Moment of Prayer...
The Giant Bubble
foot rest
Pedal for your lives!
Belly to belly!
The flood
Now That's Embarrassing
Beware of a friendly dog
Extreme traffic cop
Seating to admire the view
sniffing the outside world
Zak the Ferret
Giving back to the community
hrrr hrrr
Too small for me...
Cloud man takes a pee
I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
Surprise Landing
Whatya Looking At ?
What are you looking for?
so much fun
Super Dudes
One eyebrow Mailbox
Joe & Corona
swan's backside
fighting with Spiderman
Unhand Me
If you see from different angle, you can see "god" within all human beings
Waiting at the men's room / loo
Takes a big bone to make 3 dogs happy!
Puss in Boots
Friendly Marmot
Airborne in Hawaii
Will I ever learn?
Window Cleaning
Baked right in
Billy Vanilly
The artist as Idiot
Because you're never too old for some fun...
Just lounging around
Foot brake
The invisible man!
Metal Coupling
Lady of Winterton
Sinking Surfboard
I wanna go with U.
The Acrobatic Ant
Bodyless Legs
Lucy's in the Bag
Self portrait in December
Hey dude, take my picture!
OK, I'm Ready For My Photo Shoot!
pussy, pussy, hop!
Go away...
...ehh, day like everyday
Public Toilets are OPEN !!!
Dog or not?
Dolly and dog
Strange thoughts
Grasping at Water!
SpongeBob Day Out
Fun on Malecon
Carpe Diem Indeed!
A bit more
Surprising Cat
My grandson Evan James
Nice View !!!
finger licking good
Simple life
"You need some exercise too!"
At the Forum Romanum, Italy
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