Wild Creatures: Amphibians

Challenge #6 in the Insights series. Hosted by SigmaChrome.
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:: An Insight into the Natural World III :: The challenge here is to post your best picture of an Amphibian, either tailless, e.g.: Frog or Toad - or tailed, e.g.: Newt, Salamander and Mudpuppy - or legless, e.g.: Caecilian (very unusual and hard-to-find creatures. More information here: http://www.sandiegozoo.org/animalbytes/t-caecilian.html). The Amphibian should be the main subject but it can be pictured in its natural environment - interacting with other animals, etc. If possible, please include information about where the photograph was taken and the name of the animal, if you know. Many species of Amphibians are under serious threat of extinction - so please take care in their habitat.
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Extincion es por siempre
Red Eyed Tree Frog
Crazy-eyed frog
Tree Frog Relaxed
Costa Rican Frog
Red eye tree frog
Watching Me
The stare
Litoria caerulea (green tree frog)
Costarican Frog
I am an alien ...
What are you looking at
Cynops orientalis
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