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Challenge #5 in the Technology Enabling Art series. Hosted by ProfHankD.
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Over the last 30 years, photographers have become used to a variety of convenience features such as wide-open auto exposure, auto focus, and zoom lenses. Unfortunately, these features cost us depth-of-focus preview, precision and robustness of physical construction, and the superior IQ of prime lenses. This challenge is for photos created combining the best of both worlds: modern digital image capture and processing with an old, high-quality, manual-focus, prime lens.
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Mt. Hood in Spring
The Manga Reader
Bird in My Mirror
Sunburst on black church, Iceland
Hummingbird in Flight with Hassy
Breona - Slide
Mr. Thakur
Water Weight Gain
under the bridge
Kilfitt makro kilar 90mm
My wife
Chocolate Chaud
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Going Down
Barn Window
Center for Manufacturing, University of Kentucky
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