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Volcanoes are spectacular examples of how Earth renews itself in dramatic fashion. In this Challenge, you should submit a photograph of a volcano - either active, dormant or extinct - that best portrays the mood of the mountain. Photographers are asked to keep to the theme of this series by submitting images to illustrate the art inherent in nature using minimal post-capture processing to enhance what is already there.
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Bromo and Semeru, Indonesia
Stromboli in moonlight
Holy Shasta
Gunung Semeru, Indonesia
Bromo and Semuru volcanos on Java island
Baru does not sleep
one day.....high, in Bolivia
Near hell
Gunung Rinjani
Above the clouds
Making New Land
The Waikupanaha Lava Entry
Osorno Volcano
Looking behind Ka Lu'u o ka 'O'o
Where the Earth Boils
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Ol Doinyo Lengai - Maasai Mountain of God, Tanzania
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