Dramatic Light: Hand Coloring

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A hundred years ago, to create a color photograph required painting a black and white print by hand. At the turn of the century, a few practitioners still remained, carrying out their arcane art in a world overrun with color film. While hand coloring prints is practically a lost art today, you can achieve a similar effect digitally ... without having to resort to special filters and plug-ins. With a B&W image in your editing software, create one or more transparent layers. Apply selective color on the layer. Adjust the layer blends to achieve the desired look. Submit your best "hand colored" image. Refer to the sample image and check out the additional rules.
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Out with the old in with the New
A Rose in My Grandmother's Garden
La Havana, cuba
The fox
Hand Coloring
Susan Hayward
Coloring the Restoration
The Showroom
Reach for the Sky
Abandoned -  Mount Ruapehu
In My Dreams
Cagney, Whitney and Kennedy colourisation
A Day at the Beach
Macari Gulf, Sicily
What you looking at?
Dottie Schroeder- 1928-1996
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Why so serious?l
Pensive Little Boy
Hidden Smile
Out with the old
Cotswold Cemetery
Street Flute
Grandmother rock
Pink bicycle
Painted Mallard
Her head may be in the clouds, but her heart is all mine
Pink on Brick
Yeah....i am tired...
Old Meets New
Pink Moon
Boston bridge
Painted in yellow
Remembrance Day Red
Red Rose
Pink Tulip
Pine Oak Church
nails .....grrrrr
Hand painted flower
Beauty of flower
light of life
Cat Eye
Taos Pueblo Church
16.6 inches
Good Morning, I am your server...
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The Basket
Hill Dryad
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