What They Don't Know...

Challenge #9 in the Telling the Story series. Hosted by CharlesB58.
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Simple challenge: photos in which something is going on "behind someone's back", or otherwise unbeknownst to them. Either they don't know it's happening, aren't paying attention or maybe don't even care. Or maybe it's about to happen TO THEM and they don't suspect a thing! A chance for some humorous, spontaneous and surprising images. If there are people in the shot (which is likely) try to capture facial expressions which help tell the story.
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Personal Space Violation...
Super model
There's a bear behind you
This isn't going to end well
On target!
climbing the walls
Stealing with a smile
"Hey! ... Captain Oblivious! ...Wake up!"
In Trouble Soon
Yak Coming
Now the world around them is not important…
Fall Surprise
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