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Challenge #5 in the Insights series. Hosted by SigmaChrome.
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Show us your best 'Intimate Places' photographs taken with a camera that uses a Foveon sensor. The challenge is to engage the viewer in your reasonably tight composition; make them feel emersed in the mood of your picture. Framing is everything! It could be a garden, a pond, a river, wild flowers, mushrooms or an isolated gully in the forest, park, garden or desert -- anywhere that is, or looks, 'intimate'. :: For those who aren’t technically minded about these matters: Most digital cameras use a Bayer sensor, which captures red, green and blue light (RGB) using a Colour Filter Array -- one colour at each photosite. The Foveon sensor captures RGB at each and every photosite. This is a very different way of capturing an image that produces pictures with great colour depth and sharpness. For more information, see: ::
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God its the Atlantic!
a place to wait
Meson de la Abundancia
The Corinth Canal (Isthmos)
Zacatecas, Jardin Enrique Estrada
Homely Roztocze
gated tree among trees
dark valley creek
standing on rocks
Urban Jungle
Sandy Pathway
Ladys Island Church Ruins
Wooden boat in the reeds
Lisbon evening
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Snowdrops in the Gully
Snowdrops in the Gully II
Butterfly Reserve
Lake Auravale
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