FLATLAND: The flat horizon, the flat landscape.

Challenge #4 in the Discovery: New perspecitves on the familiar series. Hosted by ebishop.
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In most landscapes we thrill when the terrain is varied, crenulated and interesting. But there are landscapes more challenging to depict, without the eye-candy of relief., where the horizon is flat, a simple line from left to right. Deserts. Oceans. Ice. And others. How to make these flat landscapes, from Kansas to the Sahara, visually compelling can be a challenge. Go for it. Rules: 1) Outdoor Landscapes only. 2) The horizon must be an un-broken, unimpeded horizontal line extending completely across the image. Nothing should rest ON this horizon, nothing should rise directly from it. There MUST be an un-broken horizontal horizon that cuts across the image. Any features must be above or below the line. The line cannot be broken. Any image that displays only a partial horizon, or shows features that extend through or across the horizontal line will be disqualified.
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Kayaks at Dawn
Leave nothing but footprints
Look towards the infinite
Neuwerk Island
Mid Ocean
Hurricane season is here....
Odd souvenir
Over yonder
Water is gone
Storm over the Nullabor
Low Tide
Dawn at Lulworth Cove, UK
After sunset on the beach
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Pacific Ocean, Oregon
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