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Rio de Janeiro is what comes to your mind when you think of Carnivals . However they are celebrated across the world. Let us know the one you know of through your image .
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Venitian Carnival in Martigues
La pui bella del carnavale di Venezia 2008
Magical Venezia
Kindred Spirit
The Dancer
Expressions Carnival
CNE carnival comes to town!!!
Mirror of the Soul
Black or White
Centre of attention
girl in coconut festival
Venitian Carnival in PARIS
Statue Faces
Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade
Notting Hill Carnival
The colors of the carnival
Le Cirque
Going all out!
Monster in construction
It's not so Much the Destination as it is the Journey
Notting Hill Daffodil
Caribana parade Toronto
Golden Fairy Queen - Festival of World Cultures, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Carnaval SF
Inolvidable Venesia
Joker's Abigail n.2
Venice carnival
Carnival of Bordeaux
My Beautiful Bella!
Samba girls Edinburgh
Inside a mask: a man
Mummers Day Parade, Philadelphia
Dance with me
"Nice Hat's"     Mari Gras - Honolulu, Hawaii
Carnevale di  Venezia
Carnival of Binche, Belgium
The queen of the party
Carnival of Binche, Belgium
Teacher, the dog... threw my homework in a giant fire
Beatiful Eyes
Merge fantasy and reality
Old-fashioned Fun
Cock-a-doodle dooooo
Madeira Island Carnival
Carnival Queen
Turn, turn, turn
Mercè 2009 (Barcelona)
carnival masks
the wheel in copenhagen
Circle in the Sky
one evening....
Royal Heads in the clouds
Fried Everything
Ludwigsburg, Germany Carnival
schemitzun feast of green corn and dance[2008] foxwoods,connecticut
Midway at Night
Go away empty-handed
Oiran Festival
Stellenbosch RAG
Get It!
Notting Hill
Serious Business
Summer Fun!
Balloon Girl
CNE Carnival in Toronto
FIGMENT day at Governors Island, NY
Standing Out
Intro to Newtons laws
Carnival in Porto Santo/Madeira
the "County Fair"
The Feria
Carnaval en Martinique
Mid Autum Festival
Circling the Buddha
Summer Festival
Shademakers costume - Mayors Thames carnival
Flower Girl
feast of green corn and dance[2008]schemitzun,connecticut
Spin Me 'Round
Caribana - Toronto, Canada
What a couple!
Fun Spun
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