Surreal composite fantasies

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The rules for this challenge are simple: you take a shot, and then in PS or other software that can do this, you make a mirror (flopped horizontally or vertically) copy of that original image and paste the two or more images together to create something that can't possibly exists in real life, but nevertheless attains a very beautiful, interesting intriguing and inspiring quality. As if you really wanted something like that to exist in real life. Subject matter: suggestions: architecture, landscapes, objects, basically anything, but not humans or animals or flowers. Also, no combining of different originals and no more than 4 of the original image per assembly. The final result can be square, rectangular or panoramic type size (e.g. 3 images vertically or horizontally aligned).
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The Eye
Antelope Canyon on Peyote
Dance Fountain
Ghost of the bee
Blue Eyes
Meet Me in the Middle
Floating Taj
ms Ryndam
Tree Kaleidoscope
Step inside
Esheresque Pathes
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