Rule of Thirds

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In this challenge you are to use the "Rule of Thirds" guide as your compositional guidelines. (No Centering the subject allowed). Most Cameras have a grid for this in the P/S category, some DSLRs have it available for the LCD on the back. But, even if your camera doesn't have it, just divide the screen in 9 equal parts. Two lines Vertically and 2 lines Horizontally evenly spaced. Any Subject can be used. Do the best you can with your subject. As long as the photo is demonstrating an off center subject on or near the 4 cross points, I'll keep it in the challenge. See my Overlay example..Not exactly crossing the 2 left points, but, close and unentered.
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Glowing third
Born in Kapar ,Die in Kapar
Red Barn
Just before Sunrise
Windswept beach
Red Falls
Snowstorm patrol
Mr. Smith
Sunset at Any Haden Park
Autumn Leaves
Way To Go
Baltic Sea before storm
Early morning over foggy Potomac river
Under the umbrella
Lake Garda Sunrise
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The Bead Man
ROT Grid
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